Photograph courtesy of Louanne Schoninger

Photograph courtesy of Louanne Schoninger

Imagine a room filled with a group of dancers wearing bright-colored hip scarves with jangling coins. Ranging from high school seniors to senior citizens and every age in between, they come from all walks of life, alone, some mother-daughter pairs, some belly dance buddies, but all of them eager to dance, each with a unique body type and history. And each with a story to express through the dance.

Over and over again, I have witnessed the evolution of dancers sinking in, getting really comfortable in their skin, stretching out into the music and luxuriating in this whole body and whole spirit dance, forging friendships that cross all lines. 

And you begin to understand. There‚Äôs nothing as satisfying as getting together with this group of dancers every week.

We work hard and laugh even harder. 

We move quietly.

We clamor.

We dance.