Josephina Gasca

Photo Courtesy of Image Catcher

Josephina believes in the transformative power of dance.  She began belly dancing in Chicago in 1998 as a lark when her about-to-be tango partner met the love of his life on his way to meet her at registration.  Belly dance didn’t require a partner.  She showed up for her first class with Jasmin Jahal and fell in love with the music and the movements.  After moving to the East Coast in 2003, she took classes with several area teachers, but found home with Jamileh, her mentor and friend.  Josephina has also been privileged to study with Hadia, Karim Nagi, Dunya, Ranya Renee, Artemis Mourat and Tamalyn Dallal to name a few.  Josephina currently teaches in Mid Coast Maine and hosts many area events (the Belly Ball, Middle Eastern Music and Dance at Mae’s Café, Middle Eastern Dance Party with Zapion, and an Annual Studio Show).  She has performed with Zapion Middle Eastern EnsembleOkbari Middle Eastern Music Ensemble and the Alhan Middle Eastern Music Ensemble and on behalf of Maine Belly Dance, the World Affairs Council, USM, and the Down East Country Dance Festival, among others.  While she loves to perform, teaching is her greatest joy.