Class Descriptions:

Mixed Level Belly Dance:

Authentic Belly Dance, or raks sharqi, is an ancient form of dance.  Raks sharqi means “dance of the east” in Arabic.  Belly dance celebrates every body type and every stage of life.  The dance is proud and powerful and soft and sinewy with elegant and isolating movements emanating from the core.  It’s the Pilates of dance.  And so much fun!  In this Mixed Level (Beginner through Intermediate/Advanced) class, we will work with improvisation and group choreography, as well as continually working with subtleties of technique at whatever level you are.

Please wear comfortable clothing, similar to what you might wear to a yoga class that will allow for free movement and the ability to see your movement.  Hip scarves make it even more fun.  You can dance barefoot or in a pair of comfortable dance shoes.  Zils (finger cymbals) and veils will also be used in class and are available for purchase from the instructor.

Intermediate/Advanced Nutrit Dancers: 

 Nutrit in Egyptian means "little goddesses."  In Latin, nutrit means "to nourish."  Both seem fitting for what the dancers in this group embody and communicate.

Group choreography and improvisation are explored in-depth.  Movements and transitions are fine-tuned and there is a deeper exploration of body and spirit through the dance.  Special guest musicians may provide live music for part of the session and/or guest instructors may be invited in to explore specific topics, depending on the emphasis of the session.  Zils and veils are required.   

Note 1:       Three consecutive well-attended sessions of Beginner and/or Mixed Level Belly Dance Intensive classes are recommended before moving into this class.  Permission from the instructor is also required.

Note 2:       In order to participate in the Annual Spring Studio Show, you must be able to commit to at least attending 75% of each session from Fall through Spring.  Otherwise, special permission from the instructor is required.

Group Meditation (On Hiatus):

Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus, using sound, visualization, the breath, or movement in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.  In this weekly (or bimonthly) meeting, meditation will be explored in the context of group energy. 

Sacred Dance, Sacred Story:

Belly dance will be used as a basis for movement meditation and creating meaningful ritual.  We will dance together, write and share stories together, writing in a way that these stories will belong to the community.  Meditation, ritual, dance and story will be our tools to effect positive change and create deeper connection to our selves, each other and the world at large.  Open to all levels.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal and a pen.

Divine Dance: Belly Dance Movement & Meditation:

These sessions will open with group meditation and then belly dance movement in unison, then as individual expression. We will deepen our connection to Mother Earth, the Divine Universe and our own unique divinity. Open to all levels.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal and a pen.

Mixed Level Belly Dance (Summers Only):

This session is designed as Belly Dance Boot Camp for beginner through intermediate and advanced belly dancers.  We strive to go deeper into the dance, focusing on musicality and improvisation and the subtleties of technique.  Weather and biting insects permitting, we try for at least one to two classes dancing outdoors (beach or park).  It's a good way to test the waters if you're looking to move up from Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced and it's excellent practice for Intermediate/Advanced dancers.

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Private Classes:

Private classes can be arranged for individuals, your circle, your celebration or event. Please contact Josephina directly for more information on scheduling and rates.